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Selling and buying a property is challenging,

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I specialize in selling luxury properties in the shortest amount of time at the maximum price, and competitive terms with the least amount of hassle for my clients. Not only residential but additional services include investment and commercial properties with a highly experienced team at Lifetime Realty.


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Frequently asked questions

1. What does it mean by an instant offer?

If you desire a certain and predictable sale on your terms, an Instant Offer is an alternative. By visiting your address and responding to basic questions regarding your property, you can request an offer. Our staff will respond within a few days with a cash offer after examining the specifics of the house and the neighborhood market conditions. We will arrange for a home inspection and serve as a resource during the closing process if the buyer accepts the offer.

2. Does it cost anything to ask for an offer?

Requesting or receiving an offer from us is free of charge and is available on call, mail and text as well. In the event that you decide to sell your house to us or one of our buyers, you will be provided with a detailed statement stating any costs related to the offer. Whenever you request or accept an offer, you are under no obligation and we have no hidden charges. 

3. When I request an Instant Offer, will my house be posted on your website?

No. Only for evaluation purposes are we supplied your information. Requesting an offer will not result in the listing of your home anywhere online, and any images you supply will not be made available to the public. Just keep in mind that everything is up to you, you decide and we proceed!

4. What if my proposal is turned down?

A first offer is open for acceptance or rejection by you. However, there is a third option that is highly popular: you can make a counteroffer. Keep in mind that a transaction isn’t truly dead until it is. Therefore, you are still in the running if you make a counteroffer.

5. What would happen if I changed my mind about buying a home?

It’s okay if you change your mind regarding a property. You won’t be charged any cancellation or rejection fee. You decide when to get in and when to back out!

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